The way the wind feels in your ear when you bike. You can’t hear anything except a woosh until you turn your head left, then right and it’s silent. The burn in your legs is so painful but it feels so good. The more it burns, the harder you know you’re working. The summer days are hot and the nights cool. You wonder why anyone even owns a car. We’re such a lazy nation. The friends house thats 5 blocks over is a drive. When I was your age…
You sit on the stoop and contemplate. Busy roads and front yards are good for that. You watch the passer-bys unnoticed. The world moves so fast yet 15 days seems like an eternity. That is, until you look back and wonder where the time went.
You run into old friends who bring up reoccurring thoughts. Thoughts you had stored away. Now they’re back, filling up your mind. Will this bother you forever? And on top of living you’re life, you’re trying to live positively. Happy thoughts make happy people, but how happy are you really if you have to constantly remind yourself to be happy?

Sacrifice in the name of love

I like to think I’ve got it all. An incredible boyfriend, a good family, a steady job, and wonderful friends. To top it off, I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world! Though, why when we’re the most satisfied, we feel the most un satisfied? I guess when things are going well, it gets scary. I guess when you find yourself in a healthy relationship you start seriously thinking about the future. You start talking about marriage and future homes. What kind of dog you’ll have and if you ever want kids. Then you start thinking about how you’ve walked this walk before and we all know how that ended. You just tell yourself this is different. This is real. You know it’s real because it scares you. It scares you to think that you’re future plans aren’t yours anymore. That you love someone very much and you’re going to end up doing what’s best for the both of you. That may mean you’ll never get to live in Laos like you had always wanted or that it may be years until you go back to live in the town you grew up in, the town that your heart aches for. The man you will probably marry wants to make lots of money, do great things and you may too. That’s why you’re with each other, you have similar ambitions and you’re willing to make sacrifices. Even if those sacrifices sometimes break your heart. I guess growing up is learning that life isn’t fair after all. That being with an awesome guy who you love and who loves you right back sometimes means you don’t get to go where you thought life might take you. However, who knows that what’s in store with this new partner isn’t going to be better than what you had pictured? And then who knows, maybe you will someday have it all. You’ve just got to make sacrifices first and to me, that is the hardest, most terrifying part of it all.


Salt water heals all wounds.


Salt water heals all wounds.

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Water Brothers owner Sid Abruzzi was arrested in October of 1971 for refusing to stop surfing at a popular Ruggles Avenue surf spot. He was found guilty in district court by Judge Corrine Grande and decided to take action against the ordinance.
Two short months later, Abruzzi was vindicated when surfing at the spot was ruled legal. Yesterday, Dec. 13, marked the 40th anniversary of the legalization of surfing at Ruggles Avenue.


Water Brothers owner Sid Abruzzi was arrested in October of 1971 for refusing to stop surfing at a popular Ruggles Avenue surf spot. He was found guilty in district court by Judge Corrine Grande and decided to take action against the ordinance.

Two short months later, Abruzzi was vindicated when surfing at the spot was ruled legal. Yesterday, Dec. 13, marked the 40th anniversary of the legalization of surfing at Ruggles Avenue.

How To Not Miss Home

1. Get an anchor tattoo on your wrist before you leave so you feel like there is still a part of home with you wherever you go.

2. Get to where you are going and immediately immerse yourself into that community. Make friends with everyone you meet and tell yourself you would have never met them if you hadn’t left home.

3. Complain about how different/crowded/small home was.

4. Breath mountain air, knowing air back home the air could never be as pure.

5. Get super excited about winter because that means snowboard season.

6. Convince yourself that snowboarding everyday is better then only sometimes being able to go to the beach or go sailing.

7. Remind yourself that the boy you were last seeing back home stopped talking to you and that he’s not upset that you moved thousands of miles away.

8. Think about how summer is over and everyone back home is getting ready to hibernate and not go out until Spring. 

9. Home will always be there, home will always be there, home will always be there.

10. Work, go to school, utilize your new environment to it’s newest potential!

Read a blog called Fuck Yeah Rhode Island and shamelessly cry your eyes out because home is so fucking beautiful and you really fucking miss it.

Rocky Mountain High

It’s so different. I’m out here and I’m focused on me. Not anyone else, just me. It feels so great. I’ve talked to more people in a week then I did in the four months I was out here a year ago. I feel comfortable. I feel like I’m home. I walk outside every day and see these beautiful mountains and I honestly feel like the luckiest person in the world. It’s an amazing feeling to be somewhere that makes you feel like you could be happy there for a very long time.


1. The Dependent Guy

The dependent guy isn’t actually dependent at all, in fact, he is rather quite independent. He can drive, buy booze, and makes okay money at an okay job. However, as your boyfriend, he might pretend that he doesn’t. He’ll make you drive, because he doesn’t have a car and will never fill the tank. He’ll tell you he can’t afford beer, so you’ll pay for it and he’ll proceed to drink 5 out of the 6 in the case. He’ll talk about the few thousands he has saved then complain about his over draft fees and ask if he can borrow money. You will continue to do all these things, even when you get sneaking suspicions he may be taking advantage of you. You do it anyways though, because he loves you, right?

2. The Emotional Baggage Guy

You’ll meet this guy at work. You’ll think he’s really cute. He’ll have the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. You strike up conversation and through the months slowly begin to form a friendship. One night, you’ll finally hang out. You’ll go back to his place and after a few hours of casual conversation he’ll demand you make out with him which will eventually lead to sex. You’ll wake up in the morning staring at the ceiling wondering what happened, but not quite regretting it, because hey, he’s really attractive. You’ll continue to hang out and have casual sex. You listen to him talk about his ex over poached eggs. You’ll listen to him talk about his awkward childhood on a walk with his dog. You’ll listen to him talk about where he wants his life to go now. You’ll watch his dog, you’ll help him clean, you’ll take him out to lunch. Then, you’ll listen to him talk about the other girl at work who he really wants to fuck and you’ll listen to how he spent all night waiting up for her to call so they could go on a date. You’ll know this girl blew him off that night. He’ll move away with all his emotional baggage and you’ll never talk to him again.

3. The Friend

You’ll be friends for years, maybe have even dated briefly at one point in time. Every time you see him, you feel an attraction. Finally one night after a party, and a close call with a police officer, you’ll go back to his house and give him a blow job. A few days later, you’ll have sex. You’ll continue to have sex with him and then afterwards, make him sandwiches. You’ll think you’ve got it all. Things will get weird when you start to call each other babe. You’ll end it to be with the dependent. 


I’m so anxious to leave home, but I know as soon as I do I’m really going to miss it. I feel like Rhode Island can’t offer me what I want, but at the same time there is still so much here for me. I love my friends and my family so much. I love the ocean, watching the surfers at dusk. I love the sunset over my city and sounds of the train. I’ll miss having any kind of cuisine at the tip of my fingers, the concerts, the clubs, the impromptu parties. Though living in Gunnison is an amazing experience. One I haven’t gotten to fully take advantage of. The feeling of safety, the backyard of rock to climb and mountain to ski. I can’t wait to take out the trash at work on a busy day and for a few brief moments get to stare at the mountain and breathe in that fresh mountain air. I’m excited for beautiful sunny days, even if it drives me crazy to wake up to it everyday, never having to guess what to wear. As sad as it can sometimes be to be away from my home, it’s also wonderful to be somewhere new. To meet different kinds of people and tell them all about where I grew up. I love that. I love to say that I’m from Rhode Island and talk about the ocean and the mansions, the seafood and the fall. I love home, but leaving still can’t come soon enough.


It’s late, or really early. I like to think of it as late. I am so damn tired and should really go to bed. I just killed a fly that landed on my computer screen. I kind of feel bad about it. I don’t like killing innocent things, but now I’m just kinda grossed out that I have fly goo on my screen. I can’t get it off. I don’t want to touch it. Tomorrow is going to be a good day. Danielle is moving in! No more loneliness! I’ve realized over the years that I’m someone who HATES to be alone. Even if we’re not talking or even in the same room, I find the presence of another person really comforting. It’s kind of a weakness, that need to feel the comfort of other people. I’m not too fond of. Hopefully it’s something I’ll be able to get over.